Scollard Holdings Ltd.

Incorporated Feb 1981 - dedicated to Integrity in Information Processing.

Experts in data analysis and construction of industrial strength data base applications.

Know Your Data!

Data Mining    Data Cleansing   Data Moving


Corporate Clients Served

"Computer Systems - Cradle-to-grave"

Clients served

  1. BP Canada

  2. EnCana Corp

  3. Shell Canada Limited

  4. Esso Resources / Imperial Oil

  5. Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (PCS)

  6. TransCanada PipeLines

  7. Iroquois Gas Transmission Service (IGTS)(pipeline)

  8. Foothills Pipelines

  9. Alberta Gas-Ethelyne

  10. Alberta Wheat Pool

  11. University of Ottawa

  1. Iroquois Gas Transmission System

  2. BP Canada Energy Company ULC

  3. EnCana Corp

  4. Shell Canada Limited

  5. Esso Resources

  6. Imperial Oil Canada Ltd.

  7. Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan

  8. TransCanada PipeLines

  9. Foothills Pipelines (Yukon) Ltd.

  10. Alberta Gas-Ethelyne

  11. Alberta Wheat Pool

  12. University of Ottawa

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